My name is Afi Harrington, and I’m a small business advisor and a results coach. I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them create and grow phenomenal businesses. I also support individuals and organizations in designing and achieving ideal goals and priorities while meeting the challenge of change. Hands - Trust

  • Are you a small business owner struggling to create a solid infrastructure to support growth and profitability?
  • Are you and/or your team trying to get clarity on your direction and determine the best way to move forward?
  • Have you ever wondered about the impact that your mindset and limiting beliefs have in various aspects of your life?

If any of these resonate with you, we should talk. I’m an observant problem-solver who believes the only limits to success are our own limited mindset and beliefs. I help identify what’s holding you back and support you in creating rational goals and plans that lead to assured results. Our work together involves exploring your business and life dreams, goals, pain points, fears, and limiting beliefs; digging deep to find the answers and truths that can only come from within you; and marrying that with new strategies and action steps. I’m all about empowerment. As we work together, I empower you with clarity, confidence, support, guidance, and encouragement.

Never in a million years would I have envisioned I’d go from mathematician to entrepreneur to business advisor and coach, but I’ve done just that! The road was very unconventional and oftentimes downright scary, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I want you to have that same opportunity to explore your possibilities and live your most authentic life.

Let me help you create your best life!


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