Is Your Mindset Derailing Your Dream?

Is your mindset derailing your dream

What is the big dream or vision you have that just won’t let up? That one big goal that you can’t seem to shake no matter what else you do and accomplish. Is it starting a business, taking your business to the next level, running a marathon, or learning to play a musical instrument? Whatever it is, are you actively moving towards it? If not, why?

We may all be aware of the more obvious culprits of our inaction or procrastination – fear, little or no support from family and friends, lack of money or time, etc. But do you realize that you may have negative thoughts and beliefs that may also be limiting you or even keeping you from getting started? In other words, is your mindset derailing your dream?

Mindset is defined as a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook, and mental attitude. Our mindset is shaped by our life experiences which give us many sources to develop limiting beliefs. Your parents’ constant discussions about not having enough money leave you believing there is never enough. Your spouse’s daily criticisms make you feel you’re not good enough. Many of these limiting beliefs are so deeply rooted in our subconscious that we don’t even recognize how much they influence how we live our lives. Exploring them can be the key to truly unlocking yourself to make that big dream a reality!

Opening yourself to explore your mindset, along with the actual steps you need to take to fulfill your dream, can make all the difference. Maybe you want to review and understand your business financial statements, but you’ve never been comfortable with numbers. Will that belief about yourself hold you back from staying on top of how your business is performing? If you want to run a marathon, you may recognize that you need to train daily to prepare. If you feel you only have time to train at 5am and you’re not a morning person, how will that impact you moving forward toward the goal? Is the start point that 5am is the only time option for training rooted in a potential limiting belief that other events and commitments in your daily routine are fixed and can’t be adjusted?

When pursuing a goal or dream, be open to investigating not only the major steps and actions that need to happen but also the limiting beliefs that may sabotage you along the way. That path to your dream may include a minefield of limiting beliefs ready to explode and derail you at every step. But don’t give up…these beliefs can be identified and uprooted safely allowing you to follow your path to success in peace.

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