Journey to Unfolding

Journey to Unfolding

Life is a journey. It can have its ups and downs but it’s always unfolding perfectly for you.

We all have a purpose for being here and every relationship, experience, and characteristic of who we are plays into that purpose. If you can relax and be open (not resistant) to the natural flow of your life’s unfolding, you can move through life with uncanny ease and be amazed at what the journey teaches you. I’m not saying everything will be peachy all the time. There will inevitably be rough times and situations but these times play a key role in moving and molding you where you need to be.

My life has and continues to take me to interesting and unexpected places. As a kid that loved puzzles and logic, it wasn’t too surprising that I became a math major, but I never dreamed I’d be an entrepreneur. My evolution from entrepreneur to business advisor was another unexpected surprise. And now I find myself studying life coaching under renowned life coach, Martha Beck (all because I had an itch that I should enhance my coaching skills for my business advisory clients). I had no idea how much this process would allow me to work on myself, broaden my skills, and expand who I can serve and how.

You may experience situations in your life that make you wonder ‘how did I get HERE?’ Whether it’s a failed business or relationship or other setback, things happen in life that wreak havoc on your logical and emotional self. Recognize that all of these things play a part in molding you to be who you were truly created to be. Your journey to unfolding is as unique to you as your fingerprint.

As your life unfolds, stay present to all that is happening. The past is gone and the future is not here (or promised). All you have is right here, right now. Honor who you are in this moment and follow the natural rhythm of your unfolding. You can’t go wrong.

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