Learning and Growing from Life Lessons



Learning from Life Lessons

Life is full of opportunities to learn and grow. Even situations that we perceive to be bad or unfair can offer pearls of wisdom and new perspectives. All the suffering that we face in our lives is due to our thoughts and perceptions of everything happening around and to us. If we can detach from these negative thoughts and emotions and accept what is, we are free to just be and live from a natural place of joy and peace.

We spend enormous amounts of time complaining about all sorts of things: what’s wrong with our family, why we hate our job, or 10,000 other things that are not the way we’d like them to be in our life. The reality is that complaining does absolutely nothing for us. We need to stand in our truth (no matter how ugly we may perceive it to be at that moment) and know that we are constantly being prepared for something great.

When my time in my first business partnership came to an end, I didn’t know what to think or do. I’ll admit that I did my share of complaining about various things in and about the business (my husband will attest to that). I’d spent the last 6 years of my life working to establish and grow that company. As I prepared to exit, I didn’t know what was next for me.

In hindsight, I can see how critical this part of my life was in my current role as a business and career advisor. That experience uniquely prepared and qualified me to become a Certified Advisor with the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development (OED). Experiences I had in my previous company have often served as perfect cases to share and teach for some of my business advisory clients. That experience showed me like no other how what may seem to be bitter lemons to you at one point can miraculously transform to sweet lemonade.

And so is the case for each of us. As you look at your business or current career path, what do you see? If you’re miserable, simply complaining about being miserable to anyone who will listen is not going to change your situation. Detach from your negative thoughts (I know…easier said than done). Accept that you are where you need to be at this very moment and make plans to move towards a new business goal or career. Envision your future state and use the happy thoughts found there to fuel you in your current situation allowing you to continue to do and be your best right where you are now. Be positive and keep your eyes on the prize.

Always remember that life is offering you a chance to grow into your destiny. Diamonds are made from carbon exposed to intense temperature and pressure. The tough times and experiences in your life are the intense temperature and pressure you need to transform into the diamond you are meant to be.

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