Three Things I Love About Being a Business and Career Advisor

Three things I love imageEveryone dreams of having a career that they love and enjoy. In my role as a business and career advisor, I have found just that. My path to becoming a business and career advisor was not typical. My educational training is in mathematics which is not what most would expect from their business advisor. Ultimately, my path took a turn to entrepreneurship, and my experiences running my analytical consulting company taught me a lot about small business and career choices and transitions. As my path evolved, I began to recognize and nurture the affinity I have for sharing my experiences and lessons learned with others. Through a series of events and self discovery, this grew to my current practice as a business and career advisor, and here I share the three things I love most about it.

  1. Serving Others. Above all else, I love being of service to others. I firmly believe that to give is to receive. It brings me absolute joy to help another person grow and succeed. Education Reformer Horace Mann said that “the highest service we can perform for others is to help them help themselves.” As an advisor, everything I do is about helping my clients learn, grow, and evolve to be the best they can be in their business or career. My service to others is a source of bliss for me!
  1. Diversity and Learning. As an advisor, I work with clients with a variety of backgrounds, businesses/careers, and challenges. Every client is different, and it makes my job very interesting. Every client offers an opportunity for me to learn something new, and I appreciate everything that they teach me. I do my best to help my clients get to the next level, and sometimes they expose me to tools and techniques that are new to me. These are amazing moments that help me grow and be even more prepared for future clients. My days are never boring!
  1. Making a Difference. If I have information or tools that will help someone else, I do whatever I can to pass it on and make a difference. My clients’ success is a genuine reward that I cherish. When my clients reach a new milestone in their business/career, I am there to celebrate and encourage them to reach even higher. I empower them to dare to be greater than they ever imagined. Their successes make a difference not only in their lives, but in the lives that they touch through their businesses or within their organizations. There’s nothing better than making a difference in someone’s life!

Now it’s your turn. Can you name the three things you love most about what you do?


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