Training Services

We provide a variety of pro bono and paid seminars / workshops focused on entrepreneurship and personal development.

Take Charge of Your Power Workshop

What does your ideal life look like? Are you doing all the things you need to do to create it? Our path and presence in the world is molded by the various people and experiences we’ve encountered in life. This workshop will help you begin to get clear on what you want and uncover the roadblocks that stand in your way (limiting thoughts and beliefs, procrastination, lack of planning, etc.). As this clarity unfolds, you’re better prepared to set preferred goals and action plans to achieve them.

Pro Bono Engagements

Lessons from The E-Myth Revisited: Key Strategies for Small Business Success

Discover or review fundamental concepts from this classic book in a fun and interactive format. Learn Michael Gerber’s key principles for small business success and strategies for working “on” your business rather than just “in” it.

Systemize Your Business: Setting the Foundation for Growth and Profitability

Setting up a solid foundation and infrastructure for your business is critical to sustained success. Find out how to look at your business from a systems perspective and identify areas where you can implement standard systems, policies, and processes.

Total Focus Seminar Introduction

Stop starting and start achieving! This special 45-minute presentation will galvanize your organization and unleash the unlimited potential of a focused team. Learn how to beat procrastination, boost productivity, and focus every team member on consistent positive action.

My STEM Entrepreneur Life: Lessons in Allowing Your Personal Evolution

Learn to live in your truth! Afi chronicles the journey of her professional life as a mathematician, entrepreneur, and advisor/coach. She shares valuable lessons and insights about succeeding in a traditional career, becoming an entrepreneur, and allowing self-evolution (especially when it’s outside of the “expected” norm).

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